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This project follows a four-step approach, covering sources, pathways and concentrations, environmental risks and treatment systems in each step.
  • The first step entails an extensive literature review of sources, concentrations and loadings of organic micropollutants and microplastics in road run-off. This includes quantifying emission factors of organic micropollutants and microplastics from various road and traffic related sources.
  • In the second step, these insights are used to develop predicted environmental concentrations (PEC) and predicted no-effect concentrations (PNEC) of a selection of substances in several road border types.
  • In the third step, the environmental risks of the particles are assessed by comparing the observed concentrations with the PNEC values. Also a probabilistic risk assessment is performed in this step to quantify the probability that a species is exposed above its PNEC.
  • In the last step, the existing treatment systems of contaminated water streams are compared on their effectiveness in reducing environmental risks. Combined with information from the environmental risk assessment, this will provide an advice of when and how contaminated runoffs should be treated in several scenarios.